2 Important Questions – Are you asking them?

2 Important Questions – Are you asking them?

2 Important Questions – Are you asking them?

I recently had a new client ask me some really important questions. Since she was new to the coaching process, I’m taking the guess that the thinking that was underneath her questions were:

“What am I going to get from working with her?”

(Which usually has to do with making money.) Or…

“How will working on my social media bring me clients?”

I’m sure some of you reading this have wondered why hiring a coach would help you, your career or your business. I certainly hope you’re thinking about these things. When you invest in a coach, you invest in yourself. It’s a time investment, an energy investment and a financial investment. An investment that’s worth it only if you’re willing to do the work and commit to the process.

Not all coaches are alike and we are not meant to work with everyone. And if everyone did want to work with a coach, there is a coach out there for everyone.

Some people might not be ready for coaching – although I’m sure there is also a percentage of people out there who are focusing more on why they think they aren’t vs. why they are.

So what did my client ask me and how did I respond?

Here is what she actually wrote to me:

“I realized I forgot to ask you two very important questions. I want to confirm that you’ve helped others get more clients through social media. What can you do for my business, how are you going to help my business?”

My response to her:

I can’t confirm that I’ve helped my clients get more clients through their social media per se, but what I can confirm is that with the energy you put into being more present and current with your audience, it sends out the message to them and the universe that you are:

A) In business, still doing what you’re doing, and available for hire. (I don’t get asked this anymore because people get it now, but I used to get asked, “are you still coaching?”)

B) Staying on their radar.  You never know who is going to see it and when they will be ready to work with you. (For example, I just launched my new website and sent out a new enewsletter to announce it – an old client I worked with 2.5 years ago replied back and we are going to start working together again the end of this month.)

C) Giving your audience a way to connect with you and get to know you. To see what you’re up to, what you offer, how much you charge for things, how you help people, etc.

And to answer your question about how I’m going to help your business, I’m going to help your business by helping you. I’m going to work with you on giving your business life, a new energy, focus, direction, and successful strategies to be implemented by you. When you give energy towards something it expands and grows.

My goal is to give you ideas, suggestions, introduce you to people that your company might need who provide a product or service, and tools you can use to create a vision for your company and support you in holding you accountable to taking action so your vision can become a reality.

Her response to what I said:


Thank you for your beautiful email response. I feel better / grounded with your answers to my questions.

I will post the special next week.

Do you know any VA’s that could do website fixes? I’d like to do some changes to my website.

Have a wonderful evening.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

I do and sent her the information. To my knowledge they have already been in contact.

If you’re reading this and you have questions about what coaching can do for you or your business, contact me. I’m just an email, phone call or social media message away.