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“As a coach, I bring value to the decision making and problem solving capacities of my clients.”           ~ Alanna Levenson


“I didn’t think I had what it takes…”

These days it is extremely rare to hear the words “Love” and “Sales” in the same sentence or even paragraph when it comes to the workplace. Yet I’ve been helping professionals in both small companies and large corporations experience work as joyful and fulfilling.

After a highly successful, 15 year career in Corporate sales in mostly start ups, I decided it was time to change course making a career change to become certified as a coach.  At first I didn’t know who I would be working with or how I would be supporting them in transforming their lives. When I realized that I had discovered the keys to loving sales and my life it became clear, I wanted to show everyone how to love sales and their careers. My true passion in coaching and teaching professionals is to support them in being able to say “I love my life!” while thriving in business, as well as to find deep satisfaction in what they are already spending a large percentage of time doing – working.

“Unemployed and building my life again…”

Although I was clear about the new path I wanted to take, it wasn’t an easy one. I signed up for a Coaching Certification Program with the thinking that I would get my certification and build my business on the side, while working a full time sales job.

Things didn’t quite work out as planned.  I was laid off from my sales job just 3 days before my certification program started. That next year and the few years following were an exciting and very stressful time for me with a lot of unknowns.  I worked at a part time job, and did what I could to build my business as a coach. While receiving the generosity from others, I moved 5 times in a year and a half staying with family and friends while working until I could get back on my feet.

During those first 6 months, I was consistently interviewing and tried to find a new sales position to go back to my original plan (and you know how plans always work out…), to work while building my business on the side.  After interviewing with the CEO and VP of Sales and passing all of the security checks I was extended an employment offer and accepted it. Four days later they rescinded it with the limited explanation that they decided to go in a different direction.

After a few more months of interviewing I finally listened to my intuition and heart and decided to pursue my coaching business with gusto! I took the risk and voluntarily took myself off of unemployment with the declaration that I wanted my income to come from clients through my business. It was then that I started to attract those who wanted my help and I Love My Life! Coaching started to take shape.

Having proficiency at sales and business from my corporate experience helped me build I Love My Life! Coaching to what it is today, and is consistently evolving to support others in their success.

“I started from scratch and I’m now an entrepreneur, sales and leadership development mentor…”

Alanna-Levenson-Team-CoachingSince 2005, I Love My Life! Coaching has been transforming professionals’ lives and careers. I love working with my clients in learning how to get to the root of any challenge and to find their natural rhythm for success. I partner with them in a personal discovery process where limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and old unwanted habits are set free. A client once said that she sees me as a “psychic plumber” in addressing challenges in her business. I enjoy being a guide for everyone from sales staff and managers to business owners and CEOs from a broad range of companies.

Through my company, I Love My Life! Coaching, I have successfully worked with thousands of clients during the past decade via one on one coaching, corporate seminars, as well as my highly popular Think Tank Mastermind Group™. My belief that “everyone is on their own path at their own pace” is one that puts my clients at ease so they can be at peace with where they are now, inspiring them to have a fresh outlook and maximize their opportunities at work and through the work they do.

I’ve been known to help my clients quickly produce real, measurable results and help them become an adept communicator. I enjoy being a highly trusted resource to my clients and I consistently go the distance each one needs to truly embrace their professional calling.

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“Leadership is not just about the ability to inspire others,

it’s about being a leader in your own life.”


Alanna Levenson, CPC, MNLP, CCHt, MTT, ELI-MPCertified Business & Career Coach

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