Life Coaching

Are you currently going through a major change in your life?

Are you tired of trying to figure out how you can have more time, and get more done with less effort?

Are you ready to take a closer look at your priorities, take better care of yourself, and would like to start making conscious decisions that will have a positive impact on your future?

Are you missing your “WHY” in life?

In Coaching we use the acronym of GAIL to identify the four types of energy blocks that you may be experiencing. Since energy can’t be stopped or destroyed, once you identify what’s getting in your way, you can transform that energy instead to work for you.

GAILG – Gremlin – the part of you that makes you feel less than who you really are, and shows up as the “I’m not good enough” voice.

A – Assumptions – The assumption that because something happened in the past that it will happen again.

I – Interpretations – Your story and interpretation of a person or event.

L – Limiting Beliefs – Limiting beliefs that are masked as truths.

Do you identify with any of the above GAIL’s?

We all usually have at least one so it’s time to get out of your own way.

There are also those of you who have trouble just asking for help. When you hire a coach and ask for this kind of help, it simply means that you’re ready for to move forward and experience positive change.

Engage in this process and learn what it means to reinvent yourself.

The 5 Stages of the Life Coaching Process

Stage 1: Identify – This is where we find out what’s currently going on with you and talk about your goals and objectives.

Stage 2: Discover – By recognizing which energy block(s) you identify with, you’ll be able to access your blind spot and why you aren’t achieving your goals.

Stage 3: Dissolve Dissolve the barriers that obstruct you from achieving desirable results in life.

Stage 4: Take Action Design an action plan that is your roadmap to success. The objectives you create for yourself translates into a self-accountability tool.

Stage 5: Monitor and Evaluate – Monitor the process to watch for any set backs or life changes that may affect your action plan. Part of the overall progression is returning to old behaviors. By catching yourself and having a coach to monitor and evaluate the process with you, you will get refocused on your goals and make sure you’re on track.

ROADMAP-TO-SUCCESSEvery session ends with “homework”, an achievable SMART goal or task, so you can experience what it feels like to accomplish something inspiring you to do more.

Life coaching is about empowering you to live powerfully.

As my client, I believe that you are whole, you are capable, and that you are the expert of your own life. My part in the coaching relationship is to ask stimulating and provocative questions, while providing you with the ongoing support so that you can continue to move forward in your life.

What would it take for you to be able to say, I love my life!??


Life Coaching

Kathleen O’Sullivan, Principal Partner, 2130 Partners


“Alanna has demonstrated an innate ability to quickly get to the real issue with her clients. Her wholistic approach supports their success with a laser-focus on what will make the biggest difference in their lives and their work life. Her personality is infectious and her style immediately puts people at ease. Alanna’s ability to build trust accelerates the work she is able to do with clients . . . and the powerful results they achieve.”

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