Sales Coaching

Why hire a Sales Coach?Effects of a Sales Coach

To increase your ROI (Your capital and your income).

Sales coaching improves:

  • top-line revenue growth
  • margin enhancement
  • conversion rates
  • sales forecast accuracy
  • sales rep retention
  • engagement levels
  • measurable activity
  • sales performance

The Impact!

-By implementing a customized coaching program tailored to your target market, management will optimize their efficiency in addressing all challenges relevant to the current sales culture.

-Having a continuous process where each conversation leads to ongoing professional growth results in higher levels of success.

-The Coaching interaction is two fold, one – is to have an open door policy where a sales professional recognizes it as a “safe space” or environment to reveal vulnerabilities; two – provide feedback pertaining to measurements, goals, and their “why.”

-Creating an infrastructure that sustains success, motivates professionals/teams, and inspires loyalty when engaged by all levels of the sales organization.

-Effective Sales Coaching includes three crucial elements: training, observation, and positive active change.

-Coaching doesn’t tell people what to do. Instead we look at the individual rep’s performance measurements and capitalize on their strengths, improve overall job performance, and optimize learning time. When you take your top producers to their next level, you will then retain them.

Everyone who is in business could use improving their “salesability”, and the best way to do that is by improving communication. Believe it or not, the best sales tool you have, that you always have access to, is communication. Being an effective communicator also means you are great at prospecting, sales, negotiating, saying no when necessary, and problem solving through active listening.


Who Benefits From Sales Coaching?Alanna-Coaching

According to Harvard Business Review, their results show that both managers’ coaching tendencies, and companies’ response, are misguided. Your payoff comes from focusing on the middle 60% of core performers, not the bottom 10%.

These underperforming reps have proved themselves to be a bad fit for the sales role altogether. Coaching can’t fix personality traits that an individual has.

For the core 60%, sales coaching can improve performance that could be the difference between hitting or missing your goals.

Are you ready to operate at peak performance?

Through Sales Coaching, I will support you to increase sales, maximize productivity, build confidence, sustain relationships, create strategic plans, improve time management, communication and marketing for your business.

I AM READY to operate at peak performance.

Sales Coaching

Steve Mass, Loan Officer, WJ Bradley


“Alanna helped me become sane. I was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting my results to change and they were not. After hiring Alanna she was able to help me get different results which helped me increase my business.”

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