Coaching WorkshopsYour leaders, executives, managers and teams can experience higher levels of effectiveness and success right away.

I Love My Life! Coaching workshops are geared toward creating success in today’s business environment. These informative and well-paced trainings incorporate the latest advancements in relationship building, communication, personality management, integrity and self-improvement skills.

Our intellectually stimulating and experiential workshops connect the dots between the two most powerful tools a person has, self-knowledge and self-awareness. In fact, these influential and interactive trainings not only raise awareness, but they also give attendees workable skills that can be put to use immediately.

Statistics have proven those who excel in communication and inter-personal relationships have the definite advantage. When a company provides training for employees in these areas, they are more apt to succeed.

I Love My Life! Coaching brings its participants the opportunity to tap into their values, skills and strengths. Your leaders, executives, managers and teams can experience higher levels of effectiveness and success right away.


There are a wide variety of topics we can introduce to your organization.  Below is a partial list, which can be customized to strengthen your employees’ skills and/or provide a solution to a current challenge or inquiry.

  • Navigating Change SuccessfullyAlanna-Levenson-Workshops
  • Creating Powerful Connections and Conversations
  • Sticks and Stones – What if nothing was personal?
  • Reality By Design – Conscious choices, conscious results
  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Life in Balance – Honoring all the pieces of the pie
  • Reaction vs. Responding – Problem vs. Solution
  • Building Rapport – Going beyond your initial impression
  • Public Speaking – Navigating public enemy number one
  • Understanding the Upset – Anger, frustration or pain?

Workshops can be customized for large and small audiences with different workable time frames, i.e. a two-hour workshop or an all day event. All are designed to support your staff development and team building needs.

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Workshops Testimonial

Nicole Faris, Vice President, First Citizens Bank


“I met Alanna when she co-facilitated an intensive three day workshop I attended. She is an extremely talented coach and engaging presenter; intelligent, passionate (and witty!). As I move forward in my career, I am confident that one of the pivotal moments in defining my life successes will have been the powerful three days spent coaching with Alanna. I highly recommend Alanna to anyone seeking to transform their lives.”

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