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Why Coaching IS for YOU

Look In The MirrorNot only does participating in the coaching process require an investment of time and money, it requires an attitude that we often run away from: The will to tap into your true potential for creativity and productiveness.

What does this attitude need to have? A courageous willingness to look in the mirror, to observe the excuses, masks and hidden truths of who you are. This attitude supports you in consciously choosing to let go of the fixed, old habitual aspects of yourself that are keeping you tied to the career or work experiences you don’t want.

Coaching isn’t for everybody but it is for you. You are the person who is willing to look in that mirror, take action and make the necessary changes.

I take what I do as a coach very seriously. It’s my purpose to teach and coach, but I also choose every day to take on my own self, to reach deeper and deeper for the compassionate and authentic woman that I can be so that I too can sustain my own success.

So now is a great time to ask yourself…

Do I take what I say I want seriously?

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Business Testimonial

Michael Stevenson, Transform Destiny, Inc.


“Rarely have I met a person who is as motivated to help people as Alanna.

In the few years that I’ve known Alanna, I have witnessed her work and have worked with her on many occasions. She is caring, giving and thorough, but most importantly, she’s passionate. When she’s with you, she’s with you all the way.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to get to hire her, to get work with her, and to get to know her. You will find just knowing her is a gift, as I have.”

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