Alanna’s Process

What type of coaching are you looking for?

  • Private Coaching
  • Business & Team Coaching

Private Coaching

Alanna’s Process:LifeCoachingAlannaLevenson

  • Helps you communicate in your own words to others what you want personally and professionally.
  • Removes the “fog” in your life so you can have clarity in what you envision giving you focused direction.
  • Teaches you how to slow down your process so you can have a sense of ease that lets you be more present and creative.
  • Helps you eliminate tolerations and set healthy parameters that work for you personally and in your business to raise your standards.
  • Shifts your energy to customize business and career opportunities with the knowing that the money will come.
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone and expand beyond your perceived limitations.
  • Allows you to personalize your business and your lifestyle to have a fully integrated life to experience “work-life balance.”
  • Teaches you to be proactive by taking ownership starting with your thought process to understand the difference between reacting and responding.
  • Gives you the ability to synthesize your personal and professional life to be able to say, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”
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Business and Team Coaching

Alanna’s Process aligns the individuals with the company vision to:

  • Clarify and create your vision to develop a strategic action plan.
  • Establish a high performance environment by having employees who are loyal and wholeheartedly invested.
  • Implement a leadership development program that measures performance to identify leaders within your organization.
  • Alter the way you communicate and more importantly listen, to enhance professional and personal relationships.
  • Increase productivity that leads your company to more sustainable success.
  • Formulate, evaluate and refine your infrastructure.
  • Examine your leadership style.
  • Work with you AND your team for “Optimal Office Performance”


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