Client Case Studies

Case StudiesCreating Big Business Goals and The Benefits of Letting Go of Control.

I Increased My Revenue By 800%!

“Coaching is more than giving you a helping hand. You’re still doing the work, but they’re going to help you to relax some of your fears, to let loose some of your fears and trepidations about business in general because we all have our little fears about business, about going into business. It’s a big risk.”

Case StudiesKnow Your Worth. Understand Your Value.

Knowing Your Value Affects How You Get Paid.

“I know now I work better with a coach who gets me and who’s helped. Who can really know me in terms of getting me on to the path that we had talked about in terms of goal setting….”

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icon-lifecoachingManaging Your Time Well and Being Flexible Translates into a Higher Level of Success.

Working more efficiently supports being more available for clients.

“I needed someone that had dealt with people in a variety of areas and that had expertise in how those firms grow, how they manage themselves and what challenges they would face that I hadn’t even anticipated.”


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