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icon-businessFor I Love My Life Business Coaching clients, success is no accident. It’s achieved through regular and diligent pursuit of excellence in communication and leadership. Bottom line, if you want to be the best you have to keep evolving. It’s necessary to constantly evaluate and challenge yourself and your employees to do and be more.

Companies will start to fall apart and lose clients and/or employees for the following reasons:

  • Lack of vision and support of that vision
  • Poor leadership
  • Inflexibility
  • A lack of belief in the importance of certain departments *Your employees aren’t there to just collect a paycheck, they are there to grow and provide value!
  • Not having an open door policy to listen to valuable input
  • Customers aren’t informed about how they can provide feedback regarding services provided and their experience


You would benefit from hiring a business coach if you are a company that:alanna-levenson-coaching-call

  • Isn’t sure how to implement, execute, and follow through on your business plan
  • Hit a plateau and you aren’t sure how to move beyond it
  • Is experiencing growth and you want to prevent growing pains
  • Doesn’t have enough personnel in place to support growth
  • Doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to getting the right people in the right roles
  • Has a low employee retention rate
  • Needs to improve the training and onboarding process
  • Would benefit by identifying the leadership styles within your company

Are you ready to improve your business and become aware of your blind spots?

Great! Your time is NOW.

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Business Coaching

Bob Gregory, PBC Events


“Alanna is an AMAZING life and business coach. She has the ability to be both subjective and involved, and at the same time totally objective, giving sound advice and leadership with a kind, yet firm hand. Not an easy task, especially with an “old dog” like me. She got me thinking and acting in a direction that held me responsible for my actions (or lack of same!) I recommend Alanna with all my heart.”

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