Running a Virtual Business – Do You Use These Apps?

Running a Virtual Business – Do You Use These Apps?

Running a coaching business virtually could be a challenging feat.  Thanks to modern technology, smart phones, computers, the Internet and the world of apps, it’s very doable and doesn’t require us to be tied to a desk.

I sometimes can get asked by people, “how do you do it?!”

As long as I have my computer, my phone and the Internet I’m good to go. I’m also grateful for some programs or apps I use as tools to streamline my business. I wanted to share them with you in case you find them useful for your business. If you have any ideas of some other tools or programs that you’ve found helpful, please share!

Travel and Getting Around

Waze – Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

Alaska Airlines – the Alaska airlines app allows you to check in early, check flight status, book a flight, and get an update on your miles.

Virgin Atlantic – Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker allows you to get flight status, Flying Club Accounts, and Check in capability.

Southwest Airlines – You can book, change or cancel flight reservations as well as car rental reservations. View travel and weather alerts.

Hotel Tonight – Get the day’s best values by having access to the unsold rooms at hotels where you can also book them right from your phone.

Around Me – Need to find the closest bank, gas station, or Trader Joe’s?  This is how I find the closest location to wherever I am in that moment.

Social Media

Facebook – I can’t image that anyone reading this isn’t on Facebook or possibly doesn’t have the app on your phone, but just in case…here is the link to find out more.  I use my business page for I Love My Life! Coaching to share interesting videos, informative articles, client success stories, what I’m up to or projects I’m working on, share inspiring quotes and some other creative posts.

Linked In – If you’re looking for a job, waiting for Linked In mail from a potential client, or you want to stay on top of new connections, having Linked In on your phone can alleviate the overwhelm.

Twitter – Okay I know I’m not a celebrity or famous sports star…but Twitter is another fun way to get my message out and to connect with another audience. I can do it from my computer or my phone when I get inspired to share a success story, thoughts, quotes, or a great video I saw.

Pinterest – Pinterest is a great tool to help you “discover and plan things to do.”  I’ve been watching my aunt pin things over the past year for my cousin’s wedding that she then posted to Facebook. I was late to the party on Pinterest but I’m already having fun with it! I’ve started a few boards called Gluten Free Lifestyle, Georgie My Porti (silly I know), Words To Live By, What Inspires Me, and of course my Achieving Success and Getting Results board for my business.

Staying Connected with Online Tools

MailChimp – After having used other contact management systems I really love MailChimp. The change didn’t come easily as I got comfortable with my other program but am happy I made the switch. It’s easy to use to stay in touch with my email list, clients and people who have attended programs in the past.  I can find out how many opens I have from a newsletter that went out right, add new subscribers, and view other reports right from my phone.

Skype – I am a HUGE fan of Skype and use it all the time. I’ve spoken to clients anywhere from China, Canada and even here local in Los Angeles. It’s a nice alternative to LA traffic to see who I am working with.  I love the fact that it’s free and instead of needing a LAN line to call internationally I can purchase very inexpensive credits and use them to call from my Skype account anywhere. There have been times when I didn’t make it home in time to talk to someone on my computer so the Skype app on my phone worked just as well.

Free Conferencing –This free tool has been my go to for recording teleclasses, conference calls, assessment debriefs, and sessions when requested.  I save those mp3 files to my computer which I can then use for other things.

Audio Acrobat – One of the ways I’ve been using those mp3 audio files is importing them into Audio Acrobat. They function like a warehouse or online server which stores audios and video files that can be uploaded onto my website or published in emails so people can play them right from their computer or phone.

WordPress – Don’t even get me started about how much I love WordPress. My last website was completely developed in WordPress back in 2009 and I’ve been committed ever since. My new website also has WP as it’s back end and I love having the ability to change things myself where the Dashboard feels like another version of Word. In fact I was able to upload this blog post myself.

Hightail – Formerly YouSendIt, Hightail is a great way to send files that are too big to send via traditional email. It’s free up to a certain file size. I’ve used their service to send mp3 files, PowerPoint presentations, and other high resolution graphical files.


B of A  – I’m sure most banks now have an app where you can access your account to see your balance and deposit checks. This is one of those apps where once you use it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I rarely go to the bank anymore. I deposit all of my checks from home through my BofA app on my iPhone.

Toyota Financial Services – Again who knew that you can do practically everything with mobile convenience! I bought a Prius a few months ago and I discovered I can make payments right from my phone with their app.

PayPal – I was using PayPal to send out invoices to clients when I first got started and when my business got busier I decided to use PayPal as my Merchant Services system. I can process payments from my phone or I can do it online via their website. Their rates stay consistent and their customer service has never disappointed.

Efficiency and expediency can increase your business and support you in experiencing more success. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who didn’t tell me how busy they are these days with work, kids, running a company, employees, working on projects, and overall trying to manage their time.  Because time can’t really be managed, how we process and prioritize things can have a big impact.



2 thoughts on “Running a Virtual Business – Do You Use These Apps?

  1. Alanna

    Hi Robert, Square is a great app. I’ve actually used it a few times. I love the ease of use of it, the consistency of interest rates, and how the funds show up in your bank account I believe within 24 hours. If someone isn’t ready for a Merchant services system the Square is a great solution. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Robert E Miller

    Great apps, Square needs to be added. There is nothing like swiping a great card on an 8″ tablet and having the client sign the screen.