How To Know What People Really Think?!

How To Know What People Really Think?!

How To Know What People Really Think?!

Did you ever see the show “Lie To Me?”

I recently ordered the First Season from Netflix and I’m hooked. I’m now wishing I watched it when it was running and that it didn’t go off the air.

So…How would you like to know what your prospect, client, or employee is really thinking? There is a lot you can learn by just looking at their face.

Learning the international language of face reading (yes, it’s truly universal) can give you an added advantage in any situation. That’s why I have partnered with internationally well-known Body Language Experts, Kasia & Patryk Wezowski, to teach my clients this invaluable tool. Face reading is also known as Micro Expressions. Kasia and Patryk specialize in reading facial expressions & body language in business, even predicting the outcome of the last US elections based only on emotions shown by the face.

I hosted a Webinar with Kasia & Patryk: “What People are Really Thinking” on Thursday, April 25, at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. Here is the registration link for the free Webinar with the link below:

How To Know What People Really Think Webinar Registration Link

By being able to read someone’s face from learning about Micro Expressions, you’ll discover:

  • How to gain an advantage in sales, negotiations and presentations
  • How to see someone’s true emotions
  • How to identify difficult clients or employees before they even say a word
  • How to use Body Language to make a stronger Personal Impact in sales and negotiations
  • How to detect up to 80% of the lies you hear in business meetings
  • How to lead Effective ConversationsTM based on non-verbal clues

How do you think having this knowledge might be able to give you the advantage?

Well if you also like to play poker, being able to read another player’s face could give away what kind of hand they have.  When it comes to business, you don’t want to be dealt a bad hand of cards and be gambling on hiring or taking on new clients. If you’re in HR, it could help you in reading the incongruencies on a candidates face when they talk about their last employer. Or if you are in sales, you’ll be able to read your prospects cues when they say your price is too high. There are many other applications but you’ll need to come on this Webinar or the live training we will be doing to find out more.

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