Coaching Gets You Past The Blind Spots

Coaching Gets You Past The Blind Spots

Coaching Gets You Past The Blind Spots

Have you ever been introduced to something that turned out to be a fun new add on to your life? It’s the little things…but last week I was introduced to Google Hangouts.

Through the networking world I meet a lot of interesting people. Over the past few years my path has crossed that of Hank Yuloff with

We crossed paths again and this time we had a little bit more time to learn more about each others business. He was telling me about this great tool he uses and suggested that we do a Google Hangout call. Something I had never done before.

How much fun! I use Skype all the time to talk with clients that I would otherwise work with by phone. They might be here in LA, out of state, and sometimes in a different country.  I know Skype calls can be recorded but currently by implementing an add-on. Google Hangouts already has it figured out.

Hank and I decided to do an impromptu interview and it turned out to be not only a fun conversation but a great tool to share on the Internet.

He uploaded it to his blog and is now sharing it with his network.  This is the epitome of networking, by utilizing the wealth of who we know and how we can support each other to enhance our success.

Hank pulled from what came up during our conversation and titled it “Coaching Gets You Past The Blind Spots.”

Thank you Hank for sharing. Enjoy!

Google Hangout – Hank Yuloff Interview with Alanna Levenson