(Part 3) Looking for a job? Straight from the Headhunter’s Mouth

(Part 3) Looking for a job? Straight from the Headhunter’s Mouth

(Part 3) Looking for a job? Straight from the Headhunter’s Mouth

As part of my interview series, I also had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Rao. Jordan is a Headhunter and Recruiter with a company called Direct Hire Associates, LLC at an office here in Los Angeles.  He is “dedicated to matching quality talent to the most suitable organization and role.” His expertise is in hiring and full time placement for the following types of positions and areas of employment:  accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and sales staffing.

The entire interview was recorded and is available by clicking on the button below. If you want to know how you could benefit from working with a headhunter and what they do, make sure to listen to this interview. Jordan also shares with me the ins and outs of what happens behind the scene in the talent acquisition process.


Here is a general list of the types of questions I asked him:

1.  What would you say your role is as a Headhunter?

2.  What are the advantages of using a Headhunter for the client/company looking for a candidate?

3.  What are the advantages of using a Headhunter for a candidate?

4.  What would you say the differences are between what a career coach can offer vs. a headhunter?

5.  What’s the most important thing you look for in a candidate?

6.  When looking at a resume, what are the 5 most important things you are looking for?

7.  What is your opinion about someone who has moved around a lot in their career?

8.  What frustrations do you experience in your job as a headhunter?

9.  What frustrations do you experience when dealing with candidates?

10.  What supports the interview and hiring process to go smoothly?

11.  What are some tips that you could give to job candidates, especially the ones that are out there interviewing but they can’t seem to find a job?

12.  From your experience, what are the reasons as to why a candidate won’t get the job?

13.  What do you see as the reasons why someone does get the job?

14.  What is the most important question a candidate can ask of their potential hiring manager?

15.  What should candidates look out for while interviewing for their desired position?

16.  Is there anything else you would like to share with job seeking candidates?

*If you are interested in finding a new position in the above mentioned fields in Los Angeles and would like to connect with Jordan Rao, here is his LinkedIn profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/jordanrao


**If you are interested in career coaching and would like the support while you are interviewing, acclimating to a new position, preparing for a promotion, recovering from a poor performance appraisal, or you just want to improve your leadership abilities, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation at alanna@i-love-my-life.com.