Making a decision, which direction is the right one?

Making a decision, which direction is the right one?

Making a decision, which direction is the right one?

There isn’t only one path in life. We have all these forks in the road & people always worry well what if I choose the wrong fork? There are no wrong forks, all the forks are the right fork. No matter what fork you choose, they will all lead you to the right place anyway & provides for a more interesting life. What would we do without forks? Life would be boring.

Have you ever looked at where you’ve been and everything you’ve gone through with the ability to see how it all helped you get to where you are today? Included in all of those experiences are yes, the bad ones too. What would it be like for you to embrace and even thank the universe for providing those experiences because it’s so clear as to how they have benefited you?

Life is messy. Life is confusing. Life is full of ups and downs. What’s up to us is how we perceive all of that. Are we really able to create a perfect life where it’s perfect every day, every hour of the day? No! If we had all the answers all the time there would be no need to research, meet new people, or experience new things. If life was even keel all the time, most likely you would think some type of thought as to how you could shake things up a bit due to boredom.

So why do we worry so much about the choices that we’ve made, or are about to make? Because we are always trying to get somewhere. What if I told that desire to get somewhere will never go away? Also, why do we worry so much about whether it’s the right decision or the wrong decision? I’m sure our friends, family, or co-workers have something to do with it. What if I told you that no decision is ever wrong. It’s just the decision you are making now.

What if you looked at your life as if it was a game of chutes and ladders? I bet if you did you would realize how when you played that game as a kid, that you didn’t have to worry about making a decision because the the number you rolled on the dice did it for you. The game also seemed to have it’s own pace topped with the anxiousness of waiting for the other person to put their marker where it landed.

You probably also talked to those black and white squares with dots on them to manifest an exact number so you could land on that big ladder to climb up towards the top of the board. The game got really exciting when that would happen, didn’t it? In some way that level of excitement was maintained even when you would roll a number that had you land on a slide because you knew that the game wasn’t over and you had another turn.

What if making a decision was that easy? Well it can be, we’re the ones that make it hard. So go ahead and pick up those imaginary dice, shake them up in your hands and give it a roll…the game isn’t over yet.