How Easy Is It To Manifest What you Want?

How Easy Is It To Manifest What you Want?

How Easy Is It To Manifest What you Want?

Asked a friend of mine, Jessica, who was working on the subject of financial abundance, a topic that seems to be prevalent due to the economy conversation right now. We chatted about how we all have belief systems about money as well as a relationship to money. It’s really about knowing what you want and magically, things can and will appear. After a little bit of coaching and some hypnosis on financial worries, she left that evening with a new perspective on what is sometimes referred to as the “green stuff.”

When we met the following week for a follow-up, she started to share with me what had happened that week. She was on one of her morning runs on the boardwalk in Santa Monica. She noticed in the distance a circular white object sitting on the sand. As she got closer she realized that it was whole, unbroken sand dollar.

She picked it up and continued on her run, holding it in her hand safely as to not break it as her feet struck the ground one at a time. When she got home she talked to a friend of hers on the phone who used to be a professional surfer and now teaches surfing lessons to others. Her friend was telling her that she’s on the beach all the time and never sees whole sand dollars and that what she had was a rare find.

Like the slice of beach that Lance and his buddy ended up on to go spear fishing. Lance had never been before and was excited to go. His friend brought him everything he needed: fins, mask, snorkels, a weight belt for buoyancy and an extra spear gun. They put on their gear and headed out into the water.

Within five minutes of being in the water a big school of fish swam by him. He targeted the fish he wanted to go after and mentally marked that fish. He was surprised to see that on his first attempt he got him! He felt pretty great about that being that his friend told him that it took him a few days before he was able to spear his first fish.

As Lance was walking back towards the beach, he had to climb over some rocks, when a big wave came and knocked him over. He dropped the spear gun and the fish that he had just caught, and in the process experienced some cramping in his feet. So he decided to go kick it on the beach and get a tan for a few hours.

After relaxing for a while he decided to go swimming and went back into the water to cool off. While he was swimming he felt something hit him in the head. So he opened his eyes for a second and couldn’t believe what he saw. As he shared this story with me, he proclaimed, “What are the odds?!”

Like the odds of Jack finding all the items he wanted to for his friend. A friend of his from back home had just moved to Los Angeles and into a new apartment. He didn’t have a lot of money and came home from his new job everyday to a pretty empty environment. So Jack told him he’d help him out if he can find some things for him but wasn’t sure how.

His friend loved music and had a stereo that someone gave him but no speakers to go with it. So the first item on Jack’s list was to get some speakers. A few days later, there were two large speakers that were sitting on the sidewalk close to where he lived. He wasn’t sure if they worked but threw them in the back of his truck anyway. When he got home he hooked them up to his stereo and was happy to hear the sound of music echoing in his living room from one of his favorite cd’s.

Jack was so excited that he took them over to his friend’s apartment the next day. He was welcomed with gratitude and was inspired even more to now find more things; some that had practical uses and some that would give his place some ambience. So he made a list; on it were items such as knick-knacks, some things to decorate the walls, and a coffee table.

There is so much power in speaking what it is that you want and maintaining that focus. It can seem magical when things just appear out of nowhere, or when we find out the exact information we were looking for, or someone we were thinking about randomly calls us on the phone. How random is it though?

When it comes to abundance there are all kinds of limiting beliefs or negative opinions about money that get in the way of us having it. Ultimately, doesn’t that perpetuate us not having it? We all deserve to have it, so wouldn’t it be best to know that you do deserve it and to have belief systems that welcome abundance into our lives?

I love the one about “money doesn’t grow on trees.” The hypocrisy of that is yes it’s true, money doesn’t grow on trees but isn’t money made out of paper, which technically is a tree? How fun would it be to think that money does grow on trees? How fun would it be to imagine a dollar bill turning into a $5.00 bill, and then a $10, then a $20, then a $50 and then a $100 bill? Then imagine a great number of $100 bills just flowing to you in any creative, magical way they can come to you!

Such as the magical experience that Jack went through one day as he turned down a street that he said he never really drives down. He wasn’t sure what made him decide to turn, but he was happy he did. He said it was as if it was slow motion as he drove by and noticed a bunch of items that someone left on the street after a garage sale.

He pulled over and parked across the street. As he approached closer to the pile of items, a big smile grew on his face. He started to load everything in the back of his truck and was once again excited to see his friend. He now had for him what he described as a beautiful painting, iron candleholders, and a coffee table for his friend’s living room.

He wondered what would have happened if he didn’t pull down that street and if he never saw them. What was the significance of it all? In simplicity, his inner guidance system, lead him to being at the right place, at the right time.

Such as when Lance just happened to be at the right place at the right time when he went swimming two hours later, in a different part of the beach than where he was earlier. What were the odds, that while he was swimming, the same exact fish that got away, bumped into head, still alive? At first he wasn’t sure but when he saw that the fish was injured with a hole in its side, as if it just had been speared, he knew it was true.

What was even more amazing was that he reached out and grabbed him, miraculously catching him a second time! He started to joke around about the analogy and metaphor of literally being hit in the head with something in order for him to get it. That even being in a completely different world, within a vast body of water, that with complete ease one can still take hold of what it is that he has his eye on.

Like the sand dollar that Jessica brought home and rinsed off in her bathroom sink. She enjoyed the humor that the sand dollar represented in terms of financial abundance and having what we think is unattainable. That sand dollar ended up being the first of many she would find within the same week.

She shared with me that she did a morning run four times that week. The second time she went running on Monday, her keen visual sense heightened allowing her to find 2 more that day. Then she went Wednesday morning and found five more. The day before we met again, I myself was in total awe when she told me that she found 12 on Thursday!

As she was telling me this story she started to take a small velvet tie bag out of her purse. By the time she got to the end of the story, she handed me this black bag and said she was giving it to me as a gift. It would be the first of many gifts she would be giving to other people to share those sand dollars with some friends and clients of hers. A perfect example of the flow of money and abundance, coming in and out of our lives with wonder and surprise, and wouldn’t be the last.