My Blog, my View of the World, and Me…

My Blog, my View of the World, and Me…

My Blog, my View of the World, and Me…

First I want to say hello to those who are taking the time to read this.  I welcome you to my blog, my view of the world, and me as an online personality.  I was thinking about how I wanted to open the blog part of my website. So I thought well….why not talk about blogging.  I was pretty much “antiblog” for quite a long time until I got hired to write blog entries for another website.  Money motivates you know, and yes it even motivates me.

I got curious about the term “blog” so I went as far as Googling blogging which pulled up the Wikipedia definition.  The word blog itself is both a noun and a verb. I love that this way of documenting one’s thoughts has been given such a great word as “blog.”  It’s even fun to say, “blog.”  I just had to say it again.  Did you also know that there are 112 million blogs?  I guess mine makes 112,000,001th now on the internet unless someone else beat me to the punch.

I also feel in some sense that I was disloyal to my own website since I posted blog entries on someone else’s site before my own, but after doing that I got hooked.  I always wonder who is actually going to read my blog, my view of the world or be interested in me. Well I am a Life Coach, I love my life, and I believe that everyone has something important to say.  I also believe that every person we meet, whether we know them for 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years, has a message for us if we are open to hearing it.

You just need to listen for that message; just today I heard my message after meeting someone at the dog park.  I learned that acupuncture can help in the healing of broken bones, interesting being that I have a broken finger which by the way, makes it even more interesting when trying to type.  Regardless…the message could also appear in the form of a blog, you never know.

Being that you read more of my sort of online diary entries, you will also get to know my very dry sense of humor.  I inherited that from my dad and its still in development, of which I should also add that there is always room for improvement.  A little off the subject here, I wanted to take a moment to invite you also to comment on, or participate in my blogging process. It would be great to make this an interaction.

A friend of mine referred to blogging as sort of a modern day town hall even though I’m sure there are places that still have community meetings.  In this day and age of technology where text messages, emails, online dating sites, instant messaging, cell phones and now, that allow us to be either behind the curtain of a computer screen or anywhere except face to face with each other…no wonder there are 112 million blogs.

I’m hoping that what I share with the world online is interesting, entertaining and in some way helpful.  My blogs may have something to do with my two areas of specialty as a Coach which are Career Transition and Development, Sales and Business, as well Personal Relationships and Communication.   They may just be about my observations in life and how I relate them to my style of coaching, or you could consider it a snippet of the kind of coaching you might get if you were my client.  Contact me with any questions you have, when you do you might just find out how coaching can benefit you in moving you forward with whatever you are working on or would like to.  Maybe you need to read a few more blog entries before you email or call. Regardless, I look forward to talking with you soon.