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Rhoni Epstein

“Alanna is the coaches coach! When coaching coaches, it takes knowledge and skill to effectively work and get results with mostly aware clients. Alanna’s insight and solutions are individualized to match her clients’ needs. She brings her passion and experience to enlighten her clients with new insights that are truly life changing. I’ve had excellent […]

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Stefania Corti

“Alanna has helped me through very difficult professional times to determine what was hindering me from discovering my true self and the most suitable life choices for me. Her style is very personable yet professional and she guides you through your own personal journey without interfering with your true self. On the contrary she unravels […]

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Richard Howell

“If a purpose can be found in everything that happens, then I have been blessed by having the pleasure of knowing and working with Alanna. She has made a tremendous difference in my life and the way in which I view my own journey and my own path. She has helped me to realize my […]

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