How to Build a Successful "Hands-Off" Business

How to Build a Successful "Hands-Off" Business

Creating a business from scratch can be difficult, but maintaining it doesn’t need to be as difficult as new entrepreneurs would believe. Trust me I know. The desperate months of little to no cash flow, hours upon hours of overtime with little to show for it, and headache-inducing obstacles can all be avoided if you simply start and continue with the right mindset. When looking to create a business that not only provides a decent income but is able to effectively “run itself” as well, there are many things to keep in mind as you go along:

First, you must build the business to be self-sustaining from the very beginning. All too often, people decided they’ll do all the work for a wile, at least until the business can “afford” to be outsourced to other helpers. With this mentality, it’s possible that that day will never come and you will be a slave to your company for as long as you own and operate it. But if you go into it with the solid goal of automation, then you’re already light years ahead of other entrepreneurs around you.

Next, know (and be willing to admit) your weaknesses, as well as your strengths. Entrepreneurs just getting started often fall into the trap of wanting to have complete control over everything. Okay, but at what cost? Working eighteen-hour days on a part-time salary for the first few years is enough to drive anyone to quit the business. Good entrepreneurs work smart by focusing on their strengths and delegating things they’re not so good at to others who can achieve the caliber of results they desire.

Also, don’t forget to experiment with new technologies or programs. This can be the fastest track to business automation, as adding more of these programs offer you more and more free time while still retaining the same quality and quantity of results as before (when you were doing everything yourself). Plus, everything you spend your money on that’s related to your business is a potential tax write-off, so what do you honestly have to lose?

Bringing in amazing people is also crucial. Few highly successful companies are 100% automated, which means you’ll need some living, breathing help to get you through the rocky beginning phases as well as the continued development and improvement stages after you’ve cemented your place in your given industry. If you don’t find people with a good work ethic or the same vision for the business that you have, then automation will not be easy, if even possible. So again, right from the get go, set some intentions about surrounding yourself with hard workers who also share a passion for quality production from your business.

So, if you’re trying to “succeed in business without really trying” per se, the key is self-sufficiency and have your business be in essence self sustainable. You’re not going to want to be overseeing every tiny little detail over the life of the business, so the best way to give yourself more breathing space and free up more time is to learn to spread out your work through means of outsourcing to other qualified people, and using the latest technologies to take the tough stuff off of your plate. If you can imagine that happening, then just imagine what you would do with your time as you choose? I bet you have.

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