Where should I start? S-Factor Leadership Process

I love giving my clients options. Some love the energy of the group coaching community in a Mastermind, some prefer to experience coaching in a private and safe one-on-one environment. If you have any questions about which coaching program would be the best fit for you, contact me, Alanna Levenson, directly between the hours of 9am and 5pm: (213) 400-7970 or email me via the [contact form].

The first place every client starts, however, is with my revolutionary S-Element Assessment. Learn more below!

The S-Factor Process

Learning one crucial piece of information can lead to or sustain your success. What is your level of success now and how sustainable is your success? Using this as a starting point is a great diagnostic tool. What features are essential to YOUR success? We like to look for three key elements: Sustainability, Success, and Salesability.

Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners: Some business owners achieve success in their business but wonder why their revenue levels off or why they have dynamic challenges with clients or even worse, lose clients. You also might be wondering how you can improve the communication amongst your staff members so that they are all working together more as a team.

Executives: As a corporate executive you might be trying to climb that corporate ladder but just can’t seem to get past the bar where you are now. Or you know you want to take that next step in your career but you feel a lack of self-confidence in your abilities to take on more responsibility and possibly even manage others effectively.

With this online assessment tool, you will know exactly where you stand way beyond what seems to be visible to you.


The S-Factor Process, developed by Bruce Schneider, PhD, numerically indexes your Energetic Self-Perception, giving you feedback that your friends, colleagues, or managers can’t or won’t give you! In your included 1-hour follow-up coaching session with me, we will analyze your results and show you how and why your career and business are where they are – now. What is also inherently built into the debrief process are tools to gain the clarity you have been seeking and ideas as to what to do next that you can take action on immediately.

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