1-1 Fast Track Coaching Info & Signup

Here are more details about Alanna’s private coaching program for executives and entrepreneurs. Engaging in these 1-1 Fast Track Coaching Programs, you will:

  • Get into a healthy alignment with profitability giving you the freedom to be your best self.
  • Identify a personal mantra that will help you realize who you are, what you stand for and how to honor that.
  • Know, without a doubt what your “WHY” is so rather than working to live, you’re living to work.
  • Position yourself with a financial foundation that will catapult you into sustainable success.
  • Know your self worth and ask for it. Maybe it’s time to ask for a raise or raise your rates!?
  • Gain confidence to be able to handle any situation with ease.
  • Create a career path that suits your passions, personality, and skill set. Customize your services that are a unique match to your specialty, and make it work for you.  (It’s time to create a business model and schedule that works with YOUR lifestyle!).
  • Realize you have a coach that you never knew you needed who will keep you honest, hold you accountable, and challenge you.

These programs are not designed to stroke your ego. You will be provided with clear direction to face your reality and ask yourself tough questions to identify your truth. Therefore you will have the tools to finally meet and exceed your goals to success.

Features of the 1-1 Fast Track Coaching Programs:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls monthly –These involve exercises, worksheets, “homework” or tasks to move your goals forward, and discuss measurable results overtime. (The length of call or meeting depends on the needs of the client.)
  • 24/7 Email Access – Be able to grow knowing that Alanna has an “open door policy” meaning she is always accessible by email. She will return your emails within a timely fashion.
  • Access to the AudioCast Library – Take advantage and listen to an I Love My Life! Recordings, a resourceful collection of valuable information and fundamental tools. Each recording is on a specific topic that Alanna handpicked based on the common themes and challenges we experience in the work world and in business. This rich content will fuel your mind and challenge your perceptions in the areas of money, relationships, goals, productivity, behavior, communication and overall well-being. Keep an eye out for new Audiocasts!
  • “S-Factor” Leadership Assessment & Debrief – With this online assessment tool and follow-up debrief process, you will learn crucial pieces of information that will lead to and sustain your success. We are looking for three key elements: Sustainability, Success, and Salesability.

The S-Factor Leadership Process is only included with the Trailblazer Success Program. This Assessment and follow-up debrief can be purchased separately with other programs.

These programs will provide you with a true return on your investment.  It’s your turn to live a life you love. Complete the application below to schedule your consultation.

-1.5 hours of private coaching
-1 additional 10 min. call as needed
Voices From Within Audiocast Package (6 Audiocasts)
-Unlimited email access

-3 hours of private coaching
-2 additional 10 min. calls as needed
Voices From Within & Me and You and Everyone We Know Audiocasts (12 Audiocasts)
-Unlimited email access

-4.5 hours of private coaching
-2 additional 15 min. calls as needed
-FULL access to the entire Audiocast Library (26+ Audiocasts)
-S-Factor Leadership Process (Assessment, Follow-up Debrief & the “Energy Leadership” Book)
-Unlimited email access

Once your answers have been submitted, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours. We will work together to create the best program for your personal and professional needs. Alanna looks forward to speaking with you!

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