Meet the I Love My Life! Coaches

Meet Alanna Levenson – Founder of I Love My Life! Coaching

Alanna Levenson Coaching

My purpose is to help you in your journey to experiencing your own sustainability of success; and I have the education, work experience, and proven tools to create a growth environment that is both safe and results driven.

Although coaching is not therapy, I’ve been told that my coaching feels like therapy. I interpret that comment as that it feels “therapeutic.” Many of my clients tell me that I have moved them forward in ways they have never experienced before, and all within just weeks of working with me – sometimes even after the first session. They are experiencing shifts that literally catapult them to new levels of happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Success through CoachingMy clients have increased their income, engaged in conversations they never thought they would have, and have taken on projects or pursued a new career that they never thought they would. One of the results of this work is that they now see life through the lens of optimism, they have a new sense of what’s possible and how to get there step by step, and experience the type of support and collaboration with a strategic partner only interested in their success and well-being.

I am a woman of action. I kick butts. Not literally, although I had a client once say I should have a business card with a foot kicking one, or that I should wear a whistle around my neck – the true sense of having a coach. I also tend to be a little quirky so I have been known to make people laugh to make the coaching journey fun and enjoyable. What you’ll mostly experience from me is support, care and an ability to connect the dots in a way that actually seems easy. I don’t accept your limitations so why should you?

SanDiegoStateMy Credentials

I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications from San Diego State University, am a Certified Professional Coach and a former Associate Trainer for iPEC Coaching, and a Founding Facilitator for the World Academy for the Future of Women.

iPEC Certified CoachI am also a 2130 Partners practitioner, coaching corporate executives in leadership development, working with business owners and their core teams in strategic business planning, and creating active mission and vision statements that are “lived out.” I regularly give tips on my website, teach workshops, hold powerful group coaching classes, and work with clients privately one-on-one.

I am also a trusted member of Thumbtack’s community of high-quality service professionals. You can go directly to my Thumbtack profile by clicking on this link. Business and Career Coach.

The future for I Love My Life! Coaching continues to expand rapidly and includes an ever evolving range of tools and applications to help my clients LOVE their work and their lives. Part of the I Love My Life! Coaching expansion is bringing on an Associate Coach as part of my team.

Meet Lauren Blalock – Associate Coach for I Love My Life! Coaching


Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach. My goal is to help you – love yourself, love your life, create goals and take action all in the name of truly living the life you dream of.  I feel a deep calling to uncover the parts of life that leave us feeling unsatisfied, not enough, confused, disillusioned, anxious and just plain… blah. By becoming aware of the thoughts and actions that cause us to feel this way, we gain the choice to change. Change our thoughts and therefore change our feelings and actions. New actions = new results, aka: finally getting what we want!

Born and raised in Ohio, I moved to Los Angeles to fulfill a dream of giving back to the world, helping to facilitate change and generally be of service with the realization that coaching was my true calling.  I work with men and women in transition to determine what they truly value, what their passions are and then to create the new life they envision based on these understandings.

“I help my clients create their personal life foundation by first examining what they truly want and then creating new “rules” for life that support these desires. Once they are clear about what they want and why they haven’t been getting it, my clients are able to make a new plan and take action. This method opens them up to creating positive, lasting change or as I call it, “Finding your Happy!”

My professional affiliations include the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) the International Coach Federation (ICF) and The Ohio State University (OSU).


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