How Peer Advisory Groups Inspire Leaders – CEO Global Network

How Peer Advisory Groups Inspire Leaders – CEO Global Network

Hi, my name is Alanna Levenson. As a Group Leader I am part mentor, facilitator, confidant, and supporter to a group of experienced senior executives. I provide unconditional support, guidance, and insight to help them develop action plans for improving their success on all levels – in their business role, as well as in their personal and family lives.

To achieve this, I lead monthly confidential half-day sessions, in Seattle and local surrounding area, during which my Group Members share and discuss their toughest challenges and greatest opportunities with their peers. I also meet one-to-one with each Member on a monthly basis to focus on the issues most vital to their success and growth, their company’s success, and their overall personal success.

About CEO Global Network:

CEO Global Network is a CEO and senior executive peer group organization that leads opportunities for learning and development through peer group meetings led by experienced Group Leaders, targeted one-to-one mentoring, and focused learning and networking events throughout the year. Our Members are successful individuals who want to grow themselves and their businesses to unprecedented levels, while remaining balanced and fulfilled in all areas of life.

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