In Depth eNewsletter for Business Owners, Executives and Corporations

In Depth eNewsletter for Business Owners, Executives and Corporations

Alanna Levenson introduces her complimentary and informative enewsletter “In Depth”.

“Welcome to in depth, my monthly newsletter.
As a coach, the ultimate goal is to create, support, and encourage the sustainability of your success.

In this newsletter we’re going to talk about how coaching is and can be beneficial in a situation and for the individual.

My intention is for you to be able to improve, open up, get how to’s, learn, and in general to take you deeper. Because that’s what in depth is all about.

I’m going to do this by asking you questions, sharing my knowledge, and challenging you to be curious and inquisitive, about yourself, others and about what’s possible.

What would your life look like if you approached it from a new perspective?

My name is Alanna Levenson, and I look forward to going in depth with you.”

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