Past, Present, and Future. Where and When Are We Really Living From Anyway?

Past, Present, and Future. Where and When Are We Really Living From Anyway?

A lot of our actions and mostly reactions to the things life throws our way is heavily dependent on our attitude. This encompasses both our past, present being, and futuristic perspectives. We can choose to be stubborn and not make a decision at all- leaving us stagnant and frustrated- or we can choose to move forward from our past and surge forward into a more positive and productive future. When it comes to your choices, it can be boiled down to two possible approaches: allow the past to control and overwhelm your existence, or learn from previous perceived mistakes and mishaps, and burst forward into a new period of personal growth!

But setting the past aside for a moment, we must also learn to appreciate the here and now. If we’re too busy concentrating on the past or looking to the future, we forget who we are and what we want in the present. When you obsess about events from the past, it’s like driving with your eyes focused entirely on the rear view mirror. If you have a tendency to think about things where you’re only focused on the future such as “I’ll be happy when…”, or “I’ll feel successful when…”, it’s like driving with your head outside of the front windshield and ignoring crucial aspects within the car, such as your speedometer, important warning lights on your dash display, that your gas might be low, or possibly unintentionally ignoring your front seat passenger. Much like driving, life is a crucial balance of learning from the past, enjoying and being at peace with the present, and planning for the future.

To help influence your attitude, first look at the people with whom you associate with. Are they positive, “living in the moment” types too, or are they engrossed in the past? How do they make you feel as a person? Are they supportive of what you would like to do or are they always saying things where you end up second guessing yourself? Maybe they are always trying to remind you of who you used to be rather than really seeing you for who you are today? There is also the possibility that they are so in the moment, that they never seem to look forward into their future and never seem to process on a deep level the significant life experiences they have had in the past.

It all comes down to personal value and self-worth, and that can have a strong impact on your over attitudes. If you feel you have low value in life, it could be because of the people you’re hanging around, which, in turn, influences your attitude towards yourself and life in general. The reverse is true as well, misery loves company so if you don’t really love yourself, I mean really love yourself, then you most likely are spending a lot of time who don’t necessarily loves themselves either. So it might be time, you know what time I’m talking about, it’s time for an attitude change to be in order. In order to accomplish that, it requires two things: a clearer, more solid focus on the present (while not completely ignoring the past or the future), and improving your social circles so that you’re surrounded with the right people who help you to become a better, happier person – a bigger version of you.

You’ll have a much easier time changing your social circle and attracting people who are more on the same page as you by seeing all of those things that have happened before as a contribution to who you are today, and letting go of your attachment to the when, the how, and the who of those things you are wanting for yourself in the future. Without these factors, your attitude and perspective towards life will suffer until you’re willing to go through these steps required to achieving the change you desire. It’s not difficult, but it does require some patience and inner strength. And can you imagine the kind of attitude you would have then by being in that place? Go ahead, be bold and courageous in a way you haven’t before, then maybe your attitude will be contagious. In a great way.

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