It Doesn’t Have to be Dramatic or Drastic…It’s Only Change

It Doesn’t Have to be Dramatic or Drastic…It’s Only Change

Nobody likes change. This unfortunate, yet very true fact of life can often cause personal mayhem and conflict. As creatures of habit, humans naturally resent change, for we are designed to favor routine. But using drastic changes in your own life to reinvent yourself doesn’t necessary have to be a huge endeavor. All it takes is a calm mind, and a few simple steps.  After all what if you thought of it as..well…just change. What if an attitude you had to approach it was “so what?”

The first thing you have to do is understand the magnitude and consequences of the change that has occurred. The worst possible thing that you could do is overreact and lose perspective of what is going on. After analyzing the change, think about all of the new opportunities that have arisen from the change.  In fact, where you are jumping to, just may be better than where you are now.

The next thing that you have to do is stay motivated. While it is very easy to resent change and hide from it, going back into routine is just another way of halting progress. Change gives us new opportunities and to not take advantage of them is foolish. Keep telling yourself all of the wonderful things that are going to happen because of this change. Make a list of all the personal benefits that could come from this change, whatever it may be, and go out and achieve them. If you stay positive and determined, it really is that simple.

The last, and sometimes most difficult, step is to stay courageous. Change is intimidating and sometimes it’s downright scary. But if you stay mentally and psychologically strong, you can literally achieve anything that you want to. All you have to do is focus, and go for it.

Indeed, change is a hard part of life. But that’s just it: it’s a part of life. So instead of cowering when change comes your way, simply use these simple steps to help turn change into a positive personal reinvention.


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